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Kill the Side Hustle Culture

May 18, 2021 Muscle Creative Season 2 Episode 60
Small Business, Big Mindset
Kill the Side Hustle Culture
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I hear the term side hustle a lot. And it makes me cringe every time. Calling something a side hustle gives it less weight. Less importance. As if it's this fluffy thing in the corner that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Pick it up and put it down as needed. That sounds more like a hobby to me.

But what I mostly see that are called 'side hustles' are not that at all. They are legitimate businesses. The start of a company. Really valuable products and services. 

Most successful entrepreneurs, in defining success as financial gain, have multiple income streams. They own multiple companies. They invest in multiple companies and start-ups. They own real estate. They offer a variety of products and services. 

Guess what? If you work full-time for an employer and have started your own companies that you are putting consistent effort into - you are an entrepreneur.

You are NOT "someone working full-time that also has side hustles". You have multiple income streams. Full stop.

I hope this episode gives people in this situation confidence to keep going, and to be proud of what they're building.

I see so many headlines screaming - quit your day job! But, what if you like your job AND you are building other businesses too AND you are serious about all? If you still work for an employer, should you be ashamed of that? If you're not stepping away from your full-time job to pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions does that mean you're not successful? NO WAY.

I want to put an end to this crazy either/or rhetoric that we've all been hearing for too long.

Erin Geiger:

Welcome to the Small Business big mindset Podcast, where we dive into tactical strategies to grow your business. And to make an impact on this world. A huge part of success is keeping your mindset and vision on track. So this is a major part of our process. And this podcast, let's do this. Hey, Erin here, welcome to the mall Business, Big Mindset odcast. This week, I want to alk about the culture of side ustles. I hear the term side ustle a lot. And it makes me ringe every time and I think his is probably an unpopular houghts, but I want to opularize it, okay. I feel like alling something a side hustle ives it less weight, less mportance, as if it's this luffy thing in the corner, that oesn't really matter in the rand scheme of things, you pick t up, and you put it down as eeded. That sounds more like a obby to me. But what I mostly ee that are called side hustles re not that at all. They are egitimate businesses, the start f a company are really valuable roducts and services, most uccessful entrepreneurs in efining success as financial ain, right, because there's ifferent ways to look at uccess. But if we're looking at t pretty much on the financial ide, most of them have multiple ncome streams. They own ultiple companies, they invest n multiple companies and tartups, they own real estate, hey offer a variety of products nd services, the vast majority ajority, or maybe all of them o not have their eggs in one asket. They don't rely on one ource for their income. I mean, hink about it of all the uccessful people if we're ooking at finances, do they do ne thing? Probably not. So if omeone has a stake in multiple ompanies, we don't call them ide hustles. Even if one of hem brings in more income than he others, the others don't ecome side hustles does Richard ranson have multiple side ustles then Warren Buffett, lon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, rianna Huffington, just a bunch f side hustles. Of course not. he term side, hustle rivializes it, and I see it ostly used with women, ometimes with men, of course, ut on the whole, I see I see omen use the term and have the erm labels on them. I've had a ariety of my own businesses, in ddition to working more hours ith an employer, I never once hought of them as a side ustle, Austin parents network, etwork marketing, client work, ur podcast, digital courses, he membership. And you know, ne other thing that I think aybe may not be very popular, ut I'm going to say it is if ou're working full time hours or an employer, for a company ther than your own, while also rowing your own company and nvestments. That doesn't make ou any less of an entrepreneur. o many times I see people hamed for still working a full ime job. Or I see that the xpectation is that once your wn quote unquote, side hustle s doing well enough for you to et go of that full time job. hat is when you are successful. think it's a warped way to hink completely. To me, they're ll streams of income, all of hem help to support the other n some way or another. We are ll working for someone just in different capacity. So whether t's an employer that you get enefits with a client, ustomers, students, we all have esponsibility to those people nd we all have commitments to phold. Do you have more freedom ith those that are from your wn businesses and investments? e like to think so you can chedule your time around your wn personal priorities more so ut really, at the end of the ay, Steph needs to get done and acrifices and your schedule ill need to be made. If you're orking a full time job while rowing other sources of income, hether it's through your own usiness or businesses, real state or other investments, I ay Bravo, your default ersifying your efforts and your rowing your financial oundation. You have the mindset f those that have had financial nd one would hope, emotional, hysical and spiritual success. o hold your head high, be proud f yourself. Don't let people hink you know, oh, you're orking your full time job and ou're doing all these other hings that makes you less of an ntrepreneur. It's just not rue. Because what if you love hat you're doing with your with our employer? Why is it so much ifferent than what you're doing or other clients, you just have bigger client that pays you ore money, right? And that ives you benefits? Why does hat take away from other things hat you're doing? But you do ant to look at if any of those ncome streams whether it's your ull time job or a personal nvestment starts to drain you hen evaluate whether it's still orth your time and effort. If t's not and you are in a state inancially to let it go, then et it go. It shouldn't be a ull time job versus personal nvestments. I see them all as qual are all feeding into my ncome giving me the power to se that income as I see fit. To ccomplish the goals that I have or myself and my family. So isten to podcast number 59, ecause I talked about when to now, if you need to shift in our business or shut it down ltogether, you're going to want o be careful to not burn the andle at both ends, I have a hole module about how to manage our various income streams longside life, in online usiness on ramp. And I also alk about how to do it with V on't have a lot of supportive eople in your life, which nfortunately happens for some, t may sound cliche, but it's rue, you cannot fill the cups f others. Well, unless your cup s also filled, you must echarge and re energize. here's going to be seasons when ou'll need to hit it hard. But t should be that short seasons, t's not sustainable. Otherwise, ou'll find yourself getting ome tough news from your octor. Eventually, it all comes ack to our health at some oint. As you grow various areas f income ideally, you ideally ou have a support system. deally, you have people in your ife that not only support what ou're doing, but they help you ast your vision, they help you o even bigger than the vision ou have for yourself. Cast your wn vision. But surround ourself with people that hallenge you to think even igger, that see you as even ore than you see yourself. eople who understand why you're oing what you do. And of ourse, people who just love you nconditionally, they may not nderstand what you do, but they ove you and are in your corner. egardless, I don't think many eople really understand what I o. But I have a whole cheering ection regardless. So if you re working a full time job, hift your thinking, stop hinking of it as if you enjoy our full time job, and it's a reat income, or it just adds to our life in some way. Stop hinking of it as a negative hing. And like, Oh, well, I'm ot a real entrepreneur until I et this go. No, you are acting xactly as a lot of successful ntrepreneurs do. They're nvolved in so many different reas. And they have so many ifferent aspects of, of income. nd it shouldn't be the goalpost houldn't be how quickly or when ou can let your full time job o. It should be when are you ccomplishing your own personal oals, right. And I think having ultiple various ways of income, hether it's a full time job and bunch of other investments, or f it's just investments, hatever it is, I just think hat all of us I know that all f us need to have multiple reas that income is coming rom. So you are an entrepreneur ou are a you know, insert the erson and visitors you respect he most here regardless of how ow you spend your time and how ou divvied up between all the ifferent investments that you ave. So I hope this gives you nother frame of thought because just keep seeing it more and ore often about side hustles nd it just makes me cringe very time and you know, full ime jobs and who's an ntrepreneur and who's not and he the stake of women and all f this and I just feel like e're kind of labeled as like, f you have more than one thing oing on. Oh, you have side ustles and to me that rivializes the whole thing. So et me know if you agree or isagree send me a note at Hello t Muscle Creative calm and et's keep this conversation oing. I think it's one that we ave to continue to discuss, specially as more people do ump into the entrepreneurial ool, which I'm seeing more and ore people do especially over he last year, year and a half hat we have all have. 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