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The Anatomy of a High-Converting Sales Page

June 01, 2021 Muscle Creative Season 2 Episode 62
Small Business, Big Mindset
The Anatomy of a High-Converting Sales Page
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This week I talk about something in copywriting that trips a lot of people up.


Your sales page can be the key piece of success in your sales funnel and customer journey if you take a critical (yet organic) view of it.

Your sales page should be clear on exactly:

  • what you’re offering
  • who it’s for
  • why it’s important
  • how it will help solve a problem or deliver a transformation 

Your copy should be organic to you and your brand. It should be conversational and include the reader. Use copysation, the writing style I teach that uses copy as conversation. It will flow better, come across more natural, and will immediately connect with your reader.

In this episode, I go through how to structure your sales page from top to bottom.

As an example, you can look at my Email Ally sales page. It's a great reference point as I go through each section. Click here to check out that page.


Welcome to the Small Business big mindset Podcast, where we dive into tactical strategies to grow your business. And to make an impact on this world. A huge part of success is keeping your mindset and vision on track. So this is a major part of our process. And this podcast. Let's do this. Hey, Erin here, welcome to the mall Business big mindset odcast. This week, I want to alk about something in opywriting that seems to trip a ot of people up. It's the sales age. your sales page can be the ey piece of success in your ales funnel and customer ourney. If you kind of take a ritical yet fun view of it. our sales page should be clear n exactly what you're offering, ho it's for, why it's mportant, and how it will help olve a problem or deliver a ransformation. Your call to ction or your CTA should be rystal clear, make sure it hows up a few times on your ales page, I recommend having t near the top for those that ant the direct info to kind of hroughout the page and then a ourth at the bottom, your copy n the sales page, like verything else should be rganic to you and your brand. t should be conversational and nclude the reader, it should se copy zation, like I always ay copy as a conversation, it ill flow better come across ore natural and will mmediately connect with your eader. So in this episode, I'm oing to go through how to tructure your sales page from he top to the bottom. As an xample, you can look at my mail ally sales page at Muscle reative comm slash email ally.'ll have the URL to that in the how notes. So let's start at he top. That's a toward the top ou're going to tell your reader xactly who your product or ervices for. That way as they eep progressing down the page nd reading more information bout what you're offering. hey'll relate to your copy, hey'll see themselves and what ou're saying. You got to grab hem with a catchy headline that ets us across, you have mere econds to get their attention nd attract them to hear more. n the middle of the page, ou're going to want to paint he picture. So this helps the eader see what's possible if hey invest in your product or our service. It'll also detail ow your product or service will et them to the end goal that hey desire or see a ransformation that they want. he copy here should really hit ome with them. They should feel ike you're in their head, but ot in a creepy way. It should e clear that you get them you now exactly where they're oming from, you not only nderstand what they're going hrough their pain points, their esires, their frustrations, heir goals, you have the exact olution to get them there, you ant to be clear of how your olution will help them what ransformation will they see? hat benefits will they enjoy, e specific, how does what ou're offering work. And then t the bottom of the page, this s where people should feel all arm and comfy to start trusting nd working with you. So toward he bottom include your money ack guarantee of offering one s well as testimonials of eople who have used your roduct or service people you've elped or colleagues or friends f you have a new business, kay, so I technically do ypically do include a money ack guarantee they can try omething, you know, if they buy y digital course they can try t for two weeks, you know, and hen get their money back if hey if they feel like it's not or them. So there's something hat makes them you kind of risk ree for people. And if you're ike I don't have testimonials, his is a new business then, you now, chances are you probably ave some maybe reviews on inkedIn from past superiors or o workers that you can you can se or if not, you know you can eople who know you ask them ike if they can read a estimonial about your character r you know, kind of work with hem to craft something ideally t would be somebody that you've orked with in the past that ou've done this for but if not ou can kind of get creative so hat people get to know you as a erson. You can also include a act with questions and answers hat tackle the objections that eople might have. So if you're ooking at my email ally page, I nclude that toward the bottom here people can see you know, ike, okay, who is email ally or and you know, when can I oin and when when does nrollment end? So I had all of hose questions out there for eople to get that information. ou can also include a fun bio bout you that establishes redibility and nurtures onnection, the genuine you kay, so something about you hat gets across your ersonality. So people don't ust want to hear about you now, your history but they want o like know, fun facts about ou. Okay, so you have your ersonality come clear into your io don't just kind of list ccomplishments that you've had, ut I think the email ally sell sales page, I think I tell people where I'm from the white kids, I have a thing I tell them that I love to work out, you know, kind of different, different things about me, that will kind of give them a more of a holistic view of what I do. Okay, so that's a really quick rundown of the sales page. So again, the calls to action I put up front because I don't know about you, but I get kind of irritated when I have to scroll down an entire page, just to find out what something costs. And so I put that right at the top, or people can click on buttons. And typically I do, depending upon the product, I will include a payment plan. So they can pay upfront for a digital course, let's say or, you know, they can pay in payments, I'll break it up into like three or six months payments. Of course, for my email ally membership, it's already payment, it's like, you know, it's a certain amount of money each month, but I do put the button up front so they can click on that and see exactly how much it's going to be. And then I'll do you know, the kind of catchy headlines and make it very clear about who email ally is for and then I'll do another call to action with the pricing. And then I will put you know what you're going to get out of email Allah and the transformation, you'll see the benefits and they'll do another call to action. And then that's when they'll see the the FAQ some testimonials and another call to action. So it's kind of peppered throughout the page and again, I use messaging that will connect with my reader. Because I've done the work I've done the research. I know exactly who my CTA is, I mean sorry. Well, I do know my CTA is a call to action but I also know my ICA is my ideal customer avatar. You might also hear it said as ideal customer profiles. I know exactly who I'm talking to. And in next week's podcast episode I go over sales objections, okay, so you want to tune into that so how to combat sales objections and in part to be able to combat that, naturally is knowing your audience knowing exactly who you're speaking with. So I hope this kind of quick, rundown structure of a successful a high converting sales page is helpful to you. Happy to dive deeper into this if that's helpful as well just send me a note at Hello at Muscle and tune in next week when I go over how to combat pretty common sales objectives. All right, I'll see you next week. 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