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Small Business, Big Mindset

Muscle Creative

We believe everyone with the spark of a business idea can make it a reality. Sometimes you just need a leg up. Someone to fill in the missing piece. For many micro and small businesses that missing piece includes one or more of the following: Content. Marketing. Mindset.Hello from Austin, TX! We're Erin Geiger and Joey Ramirez, founders of Muscle Creative. We created this company with one focus - to support micro businesses and small businesses via content strategy, media creation, and mindset. In this podcast series, we discuss insights and trends to help business owners move the dial toward their goals as a holistic approach – strategy, but also mindset and vision.Some episodes will feature business owners at varying states of entrepreneurship, discussing their background and how they got started, their growth and vision for the future, tips and insight for those looking to build their businesses, as well as the ‘why’ that fuels it all.We zero in on the challenges that block entrepreneurs from growing to the next level, as well as obstacles that stop entrepreneurs-in-the-making before they get started. For many business owners, creating content and a solid strategy to get that content in the hands of their ideal customer, is a struggle. Some begin the content journey, get frustrated, and allow their business to languish, or worse..they quit altogether, assuming it wasn't meant to be.Others might be killing it in building out their core product or service, but need support on content creation and strategy in order to focus their attention on other key areas and not spread themselves too thin. Regardless of the background of our listener, our mission remains the same: building brands with a strong vision and growth mindset to make an impact including tactical actions you can take NOW to move the needle in your business toward your goals.